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Swaliha.com   is   part   of   Media   Plus,   a   digital   marketing   company   focused   on online    promotions.    We    offer    turn-key    solutions,    including    Social    Media Marketing,   Search   Engine   Marketing,   Search   Engine   Optimization,   ORM   etc, supporting   your   organization's   total   online   presence.   We   at   Media   Plus   focus on one simple, honest value statement: Our clients' success is our only priority. Swaliha.com   is   committed   to   implement   quality   online   marketing   strategies for   our   customers   to   improve   their   businesses.   We   focus   on   different   levels online   marketing   methodologies.   This   means   you   can   extend   the   reachability of   your   business   with   any   of   our   business   plans.   We   encompass   viable   business models in each and every steps we make. We   are   offering   many   kinds   of   services   in   terms   of   digital   marketing,   all   are proven methods.



Digital strategy

The best marketing plan for your business, designed by the top experts

Marketing automation

Use powerful tools like Hubspot.com and SugarCRM to power online marketing

Content/Creative Communications

Top quality content in the form of articles, blogging and social media creative The content that is needed for a client's requirement, such as, blogs, websites, ads, etc. is created or corrected by the content team. This team generally works with the SEO team to write content with focused keywords. E-mail Marketing Email marketing with software, analytics and database management

Chat support

Custom chat solutions by trained agents with experience in best practices

Database research

Marketing databases compiled from the internet, Facebook & Twitter

Creative & Branding

Branding and creative design for social media, email marketing, ads and websites

Event marketing

Conference and event marketing to increase bookings, participation & PR buzz (Buzz marketing is a viral marketing technique that is focused on maximizing the word-of-mouth potential of a particular campaign)

Digital media buying

Media buying and ad management on third party forums & websites



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Generate quality traffic

The life-blood of an online presence is utterly dependent upon the capability to attract the visitors towards the online business and more importantly converting them into potential customers. For this reason, our internet marketing campaigns will work effectively in bridging the gap between the business and the customer.

Building brand awareness

In the neck-and-neck global competition, having just an online presence is not enough to deal with the smart web users, which is why branding your business with efficient marketing tools becomes indispensable. Give your business the right niche with our internet marketing benefits, in order to survive in flourishingly in the global competition.
Online Marketing Benefit
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